• First 4 hours $450.00 – each hour thereafter $90.00
  • Please note; The Captain will arrive 30-45 Minutes prior for a pre-departure check.
  • Captain will be responsible for securing the vessel at the end of the trip.

Additional cost possibly provided by the vessel owner:

  • 30 mins travel from Flushing, NY included (except tolls)
  • Transportation from NYC for the Captain (to and from the vessel.)
  • Addl travel time quoted
  • Overnight stay addl. $225 plus Lodging Expenses


  • 50% deposit of total estimation. Please note that your job is not confirmed until we receive the deposit.
  • Balance is to be paid upon arrival at vessel.
  • No refunds on deposit due to delays caused by mechanical failure.
  • If there is a cancellation due to weather delay another voyage will be arranged. Captain Rick reserves the right to cancel due to weather.
  • If boat owner cancels within 24 hours there will be a $100 penalty.