Boat Owner Checklist

Boat Owners:  Please use this checklist and let Captain Rick know if there are any issues. The boat doesn't need to be perfect, but the Captain needs to know about any problems.


1) Boat owner/captain contract.

2) Is the boat's battery charged?

3) Is the fuel tank full?

4) Does the boat have all of it's hull plugs?

5) Does the boat have all the legally required safety equipment onboard?
a. Navigation lights
b. Fire extinguishers
Boats < 26'and > 16' needs one B-1, 26'- <40' needs two B-1 or one B-2, 40 to <65' needs Three b-1 or One B-1 and One B-2
c. Visual Distress Signals (flares must be less than 3 years old)
d. Coast guard approved PFDs (life preservers) and a type IV throw-able.
e. Working ventilation system for gasoline fumes.
f. Sound signals.

6) Does the boat have a marine VHF radio?

7) Does the dewatering (bilge) pump work?

8) Is the boat registered or documented? Are the appropriate papers aboard?

9) Are the registration #s displayed properly?

10) Does the boat have an appropriate anchor and anchor line.

11) Is there a First Aid kit aboard?

12) Does the boat have current navigation charts for the area?

13) Is there a working GPS on board?

14) If Allen is trailering your boat: Is the trailer legal?
a. Lights in working condition.
b. Registered w/ a license plate.
c. Appropriate trailer for the boat.

15) Has the boat been commissioned for the season? Is the engine in good working order? Has the boat been started yet?

16) Does the boat have the appropriate dock lines and are they in good condition? There should be at least two lines that are 1.5 times the boat's length--plus additional lines for larger boats.

• If you have concerns about your vessel's readiness or equipment, please contact  Captain Rick for a pre-delivery inspection. The cost for this is $65 for up to one hour and $30 for per additional hour/partial hour. You can also contact the Coast Guard Auxiliary or local Power Squadron for a complimentary Vessel Safety Check.

You will be charged for time spent on deliveries aborted due to equipment failure, or for all time spent troubleshooting.

• If you are missing items on this list, Captain Rick may have them available for use while he is aboard the boat. Please notify me him if he needs to bring extra gear.