CQ101 Close Quarter Maneuvering and Precise Docking 6-12 hours

This course is a hands on at the helm powerboat handling course designed specifically for those who wish to improve their close quarters maneuvering and precise docking skills. This 6-12 hour program is conducted onboard your vessel or one of US Boat School’s training vessels, up to 36’. It is taught by professional, US Coast Guard licensed Master Captains who are also certified Instructors in close quarter maneuvering and docking. We use the progressive method of teaching. The skills learned in this class are fundamental requirements for the competent boater. It is designed as a stand alone program. Successful completion of CQ 101 earns the student certification on either a twin or single inboard vessel or an outboard/stern drive vessel. This valuable program is highly regarded by both experienced and novice boaters alike.

Course Description

Classes are conducted in 6 hours in 2 days of underway instruction on either a: Single or twin inboard vessel Outboard or I/O. Your course begins with a dockside vessel orientation and pre-departure inspection followed by close quarters maneuvering practice including:

»   Docking and undocking in a protected slip bow and stern firstopen water

»   360 degree turns in tight Quarters

»   Coming alongside a facing pier (such as a fuel dock) both port and starboard

»   Backing down 100 yards in a narrow channel

»   Back and Fill into a slip

»   Docking and undocking using spring lines.

Instructors will also cover:

»   Vessel refueling safety Procedures

»   Proper use of a VHF marine

»   Understanding and using Navigational Aids

»   Basic Rules of the Road

Admission Persons attending this program must be at least 15 years of age, submit a properly completed and signed Registration Form and have an official photo ID on the first day of class. Each class requires a minimum of three (3) students. Should you be the only student in the class requesting a particular vessel or propulsion type, you can receive a private class.

Upon completing a 12 hour course you will receive a Close Quarter Maneuvering Certificate by either the National Safe Boating Council (up to 26’) or the Recreational Power Boating Association (26’- 60’)